Trendmicro max secure antivirus free download is the second-highest antivirus offering from Trend Micro. In addition to a robust malware scanner, Trendmicro max secure offers a built-in password manager, an in-app Web browser, and a packaged set of tools for protecting and managing your Android device. This review focuses on desktop performance. is a webpage to directly download your Trend micro max secure antivirus free download without any hassle. TrendMicro/get max is also a page to buy TrendMicro max secure antivirus free download.

Does Trend Micro Maximum Security have a firewall?

Trend Micro Maximum Security 2018
does not have its firewall module, and it relies on the Windows Firewall to protect you against network attacks. This means that you get average firewall protection. You cannot set Trend Micro to scan removable drives automatically when you plug them into your computer.

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Smart protection for all the ways you connect.

Protect all your devices

  • Get comprehensive security for your PC, Mac, and mobile devices.

Secure transactions

  • Secure your transactions Bank online more safely with Trend Micro™ Pay Guard to ensure the legitimacy of financial sites.

Stop web threats

  • Block web threats and Defend against ransomware and other online dangers.
  • Avoid Fraud and Scams Guard against phishing emails.

Shield privacy

  • Shield your privacy and Block dangerous websites that can steal personal data.

Safeguard kids

  • Safeguard your kids Allow children to explore the web safely with both time and content limits.

Optimize performance

  • Optimize performance & Fix common computer problems and get everything running at top speed.
  • Manage passwords with ease & Create and manage complex passwords and securely sign in to your favorite websites.

How to download the trend micro max secure installer file?

To download trend micro installer exe file first of all open a web browser on your computer e.g. internet explorer, google chrome. Now depending on the version of your trend micro you need to open a custom web page. As there is different a specific web page for every trend micro version.

  • Open to install trend micro from best buy.
  • Navigate to the web page to download trend micro antivirus +.
  • Reach to buy and download the trend micro maximum security.
  • is a web page to download the trend micro internet security for a mac operating system.
  • and last but not least is a web page for almost all types of trend micro products including security, networking products, team collaboration software and many more. This is a single web page which does have all the links to download various type of trend micro products.
  • In these given pages you may get your version of trend micro installer file. After downloading your version of the trend micro installer file. You just need to run it. Now seems like some prompts are coming to your computer to follow the positive options and move forward.

System Requirement in Trend micro max secure antivirus free download in Windows computer

Here system requirement is given below to Install Trend micro max secure antivirus and these system requirements are given by the official trend micro support center.

Operating system

  • (RS5) Windows 10 October 2018 Update
  • (RS4) Windows 10 April 2018 Update
  • (RS3) Windows 10 Fall Creators Update
  • (RS2) Windows 10 Creators Update
  • Windows 10 (32-Bit or 64-Bit)
  • on Windows 8.1 (32-Bit or 64-Bit)
  • Windows 7 SP1 (32-Bit or 64-Bit)


  • 1 GHz Processor
  • 1GB Memory (2GB Recommended)
  • 1.3GB of available hard disk space (1.5GB Recommended)


  • Desktop – High-colour display with 1280 x 720-pixel resolution or above
  • Windows Store – 1064 x 768-pixel resolution or above
  • Snap Apps – 1366 x 768-pixel resolution or above

Note:- Except for it, a high-speed internet connection is required for trend micro download as it is a little big file for a slow internet connection.


Tech support for Trend micro max secure antivirus free download and for many more issues in the computer

If in case you are facing any problem to install your trend micro internet security you can directly contact us with the given contact form on the right-hand side of this web page. Even if you are facing any other issue in the computer related to any software or in your operating system just give us a call on the toll-free.

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